Impostor Syndrome

Every now and then I do something stupid – probably more often than not – that reminds me that while I appear to be an adult, it’s all really just an act.

My age makes it appear as if I know what I am doing, but the truth is I am making it up as I go along. I get up each day, go to work – where somehow I to managed to fool the people there into thinking I am a responsible adult; I’m not sure how exactly – then go home where I walk the dog, do laundry, feed the pets, cook, then go to bed to do the same thing the next day.

Most days I feel like an impostor, like someone who is pretending to know what they are doing in this world, and I generally feel like pretty much anyone else would do a better job at being me than I do. I am fallible. I make mistakes.

What I hope is that I learn from my mistakes and do better.

Maybe once I do, I will start to feel less like an impostor and more like the adult I am supposed to be.


One thought on “Impostor Syndrome

  1. I know that my assistant would do a way better job at my job than I do, writes better, listens better, has more up to date ideas and more current programs, and of course more energy …. it is what I fight. Thank you for putting it into words. Is it a female thing? Is it age based? Is it cultural? Who knows, but it is all around us


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